My Coaching work focuses mainly on assisting and enabling people who are going through a time of transition/change with its associated challenges and opportunities, and includes

  • Entering or Re-entering the world of work (eg. following a career break, Maternity Leave, Sabbatical)
  • Career progression/Career change
  • Planning for Retirement/the 3rd Act
  • Outplacement support  following Redundancy
  • Women in the Workplace – from Survive-to-Thrive; the new paradigm
  • Leadership development (Trust-based Relationships, Healthy Conflict, Truly Effective Communication)

Confusion and uncertainty often present at times of change; in response I invite my client to re-frame confusion as a gateway to understanding.  My clients thereby gain clarity in their thinking, a reduction in stress/anxiety, and are energised to move forward with confidence and enthusiasm.  

Another challenge which often surfaces is a lack of self-belief; in this instance I share aspects & techniques derived from Positive Intelligence; whenever that voice of self-doubt whispers in your ear, I encourage my client to connect with their inner wisdom; you are MORE than enough!  

My clients not only achieve specific desired outcomes, but also acquire new perspectives and tools which afford far-reaching benefits enabling them to fulfil their potential in the fullest sense and be HAPPY! To live their best life!  Results include improved mental wellness, resilience, self-confidence, stress-management, enhanced Work Life Balance. 

Unique aspects of my coaching derive from my personal journey; having encountered significant life challenges (my greatest fears becoming reality), “I hit the bottom of the barrel” and through coaching, came back up.  As a consequence, I leverage this visceral experience of the power of coaching to invest back. This, together with my Innate ability to connect at the deepest level – is why the “magic” happens! Clients often comment that they somehow feel they have known me before we met!!