I am Caitríona Farrell and I am a Transformational Coach which includes Career Coaching, Expatriate Coaching and Life Coaching; and ‘transformational’ meaning that the work I do with my clients can have positive effects on other aspects of my clients lives along with their focus.

I work with individuals and organisations; expatriates; former expatriates; clients longing for a career change; clients wanting to understand what their true passions in life are and to do something with that; and clients navigating going back to work after some time out of employment.

Within each of these unique coaching journeys, my clients come up with and own their own new resourceful perspectives. Together we challenge their mindsets which are not serving them, bringing awareness and where relevant action steps, leading to a shift in their thought processes through the actions they take between our sessions.

I facilitate growth in my clients as they then tap into potential they may never have tapped into previously, I champion this in a massive way. This is all carried out in the safe and trusting environment I create where I am listening at a deeper level than they may have experienced before.

As a previous English language teacher and a speaker of French, Portuguese and survival Spanish; in coaching I am curious about the language my clients communicate with themselves. I use tools such as NLP and Positive Intelligence in the rewiring we can do and how we can rewrite the beliefs and stories we tell ourselves.

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