Journaling for Joy (JFJ) started in 2022 as a monthly challenge. Its purpose – to introduce Irish people to what collaborating with a Coach is like AND the powerful benefits available to people through Journaling –  a “free” tool/habit readily available to everyone in society. The initiative agreement is to show up 5 days weekly online. JFJ develops depth in gratitude practice, processing skills, self-reflection skills, pace, curiosity, empathy, wellbeing, productivity, and decision making. Coaching presence and follow-up are included if required via coaching conversations/session. Making a phenomenal difference to EVERY participant from all walks of life – including coaches, executives, unemployed, convalescing, companies –  by activating conscious connection to the client’s present. Clients are held accountable privately in a supportive coaching environment. All participants describe it as a “safe-space”. All co-partner with a coach and drive their own agenda (in their own words literally!). To honour the professional coach approach – the only prompt available is a journal prompt through a question and all sessions are live and non-recorded. This initiative embodies a professional coaching philosophy to its core  – where answers are found within for all clients!

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