Eileen is the Director of Coaching with WJP Coaching Partners. (www.wjpartners.eu) Over her long career in public service, it became evident to her that many everyday conflicts are reduced when individuals feel appreciated and healthy and are enabled to use their potential to add value for themselves, their team and their environment. While in a business context, daily challenges of management are facilitated through recognition and use of team members’ strengths, cultural potential and constant nurturing of emotional intelligence. Eileen helps individuals, teams and executives to unlock their full potential, improving their performance and wellbeing through harmonious positive action.

Eileen is passionate about learning, development and emotional expression. She aims to provide impact through top performance and results, continuous improvement and positive adaptation to the changing global context.  Eileen was certified as an executive coach with TPC Leadership and was first credentialled by European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) in 2015. She is now a credentialled coach with ICF at the PCC level and with EMCC as a Senior Practitioner. 

A firm believer that change comes from within, she holds specialized coaching qualifications in Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Coaching; Marshall Goldsmith Global Leadership of Future psychometric testing, Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coaching and EQ -i2.0 psychometric testing and is also a certified Team coach, Career Counselor and Health and Nutrition coach. Eileen is also a certified Coaching Supervisor and provides both Supervision and Mentoring support to Coaches and Managers.  

As President – ICF Ireland, Eileen aims to support the development of coaching cultures in Organizations across Ireland.