Co-President ICF Ireland 2024 Carmel Harney

25 ICF Pro-Bono Coaches across the Ireland and UK Chapters alongside the selected exemplary 25 young leader coachees are truly inspired and proud of the journey they are on within the 25@25 UU Leadership Programme. This “once in a lifetime unique” programme is building on the work of the 25 year Anniversary of the Belfast Good Friday Agreement to support these exceptional youth leaders through coaching to magnify their voices, focus on sustainable impact and have the courage to accelerate social, political, economic, environmental and sustainable change. 

ICF Ireland and Ulster University are delighted to give a glimpse into a first showcasing, hearing directly from the coachees’ experiences, the voices that really matter, on how our coaching partnership has truly enhanced the “elevation,  innovation and celebration” of their leadership capacity and capability, personally and professionally, at an individual and collective group level.  A true testament to coaching creating healthy, vibrant communities and a thriving society.

Please listen in as we begin to celebrate our privileged and momentous coaching adventure and it’s resounding positive impact.  Pro-Bono Coaches and Coachees will be coming together with all other programme partners at the Programme Celebration Event, hosted by UU, to formally close the 25@25 Leadership Programme on the evening of 28th June 2024 at the Ulster University Campus, Belfast.

Ulster University 25@25 Leadership Programme

Find out what Nick Wooley and Lisa Fitzpatrick had to say about their experience as coaches in the programme.

Nick Wooley.
Lisa Fitzpatrick