ICF Ireland is delighted to be working with Northside Partnership
(https://www.northsidepartnership.ie/ ) to support them in their important work of enabling positive change in their community.  Northside Partnership is a dynamic, forward focused organisation in North East Dublin which works with local people and representatives from communities, companies, agencies, elected officials and public sector bodies, through a wide range of programmes and services to improve the opportunities for people and their communities.

How did the partnership begin?

In conjunction with Louth Leader and DRCD, Northside Partnership won the 2023 ICF Ireland chapter President’s award. This was in recognition of their coaching programme, which supported a pioneering collaborative leadership programme to address the social and economic challenges impacting each of their localities. The 48 programme participants from Darndale, Dublin and Dundalk, Co. Louth, received 1:1 coaching from a number of ICF accredited coaches. ICF Ireland and Northside Partnership joined forces in 2024 to continue this important work of developing community leadership. ICF Ireland aims
to actively promote the power and importance of coaching in all walks of life and to bring coaching to a wider network of people, many of whom would not normally have access or the means for coaching. 
A few coaches have shared their personal insights of working with these community leader on these programmes, on accompanying video clips and quotes. The coaches speak about the privilege of ‘giving back’ while also strengthening their own professional and personal muscle. 

Going forward:

We in ICF Ireland believe coaching can make a difference in areas such as, reducing poverty and inequalities, building sustainable cities and communities, ensuring quality education, decent work and economic growth through their work. For this reason we wish to draw your attention to the work and dedication of Northside Partnership and many, many other organisations across Ireland, which work tirelessly to enhance the social and economic environment and social cohesion across our society.  It has been a joy to partner with Northside Partnership on this programme and we’d like to truly thank all who have been involved in making our partnership a reality. Thank you to all who gave of their time in sharing
their insights and experiences as part of our goal to celebrate great initiatives, work and coaching this week!

We hope you too may be inspired to contribute to future programmes!

Paul Rogers from Northside Partnership says:

During this, International Coaching week, Northside Partnership would like to thank the Irish Chapter of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for their continued support in creating opportunities for leaders across our community to avail of pro bono coaching and to nurture and encourage them in their leadership journey. In partnering with Siobhan Bradley, and the volunteer coaches in ICF Ireland, we have seen the transformational benefits that coaching can bring to leaders working in often very challenging situations across the Northside Partnership area. More than ever, as our communities and wider society face unprecedented challenges, we need leaders that are human, self-aware and connected to the real issues and challenges facing those at risk of poverty and social and economic exclusion. In our experience, Coaching conversations are an essential component in supporting leaders connect with their humanity, build upon their strengths and assist them in navigating often difficult and complex situations and contexts. We would like to thank Siobhan, and ICF Ireland, for their continued support and we look forward to building upon and strengthening our partnership in opening up coaching as an opportunity and in supporting leadership development across the communities we serve.

Fiona Rowley from the Northside Partnership Project had this to say:

Some years ago I had the opportunity to work with Social Entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in their communities, so I knew that when the opportunity came up to work with Northside Partnership that I was all in! The experience of working with the Leaders in Darndale reminded me that there is such fragility and yet such strength in our communities and how a programme like Northside Partnership can hopefully remind these community hero’s that they  are making a difference as well as provide them with support and tools to create real change for the benefit of their area. My admiration, respect and appreciation for the people I worked with is unquantifiable and I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity for us to work together. 

Here’s what some of the coaches had to say about the programme:

Tom O’Connor

Vera McGovern

Mary O Rafferty