ICF Ireland Conference & Awards 2021

ICF Ireland Conference & Awards 2021

18th-20th November 2021

Online Event

Strength Through Diversity – Different but the Same

Who is our conference for?

The conference is open to the corporate sector, coaches, non-coaches and members of the public.

Why is this conference important?

  1. 12.7% of our population is not Irish, by inference this leads to cultural differences and challenges such as language barriers which can lead to exclusion and loss of an economic force of diversity.
  2. Diversity is more than just other nationalities and/or skin colour – For example in Ireland only 36% of people with a disability are working.
  3. To strengthen partnerships to benefit coaching in Ireland.
  4. To empower employers to harness the skill set of ICF accredited coaches.
  5. Coaches to reflect on their own skills when working with diversity and inclusion issues.
  6. Shine the spotlight on how we as coaches can assist in areas of diversity and inclusion.
  7. Service to coaches to expand their business i.e. provoke the market.
  8. Is there an unconscious bias in people (coaches/non-coaches)?
  9. Are leaders walking the walk or just box ticking? 
  10. Encourage discussion. Attitudes develop when we are young.

What are the conference goals?

  1. Ultimately our event is to raise awareness.
  2. Why diversity and inclusion is good for business.
  3. To attract those from diverse backgrounds to the coaching profession.
  4. Inspire leaders about employing from diverse/ethnic backgrounds.
  5. To educate attendees on what diversity really means.
  6. Answer uncomfortable questions.
  7. To celebrate diversity and what it brings to the community/organisation, etc.
  8. Business to think about and discuss how coaching can support their organisation’s diversity and inclusion targets.
  9. Advancing coaching in Ireland.
  10. Coaching as a valuable tool for individuals and businesses.