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ICF Ireland lunchtime Weekly Wednesday Webinars complimentary for our wider community

Zoom link (webinars go live on Wednesdays at 1pm) https://zoom.us/j/767489036

Next Webinar:

Wednesday, 27th May 1:00pm
“Build More Successful Habits & Behaviours”
~ Treasa Fitzgibbon

Treasa will dispel the myth that motivation is what drives success, and provide practical tips on how to build habits & behaviours that are the key to success for all their goals.

Webinar Schedule & Recordings:

  1. Wednesday 25th March 1:00pm: “Self-care: Mind yourself” ~ Michael Stafford, ICF Ireland President Recording here
  2. Wednesday 1st April 1:00pm: “Staying Connected through Chaos – it’s no joke” ~ Liz Barron, Realize Coaching Recording here
  3. Wednesday 8th April 1:00pm: “Finding our Flow” ~ Anne Tannam, Creative Coaching Recording here
  4. Wednesday 15th April 1:00pm: “Managing Change – Controlling the Uncontrollable” ~ Niamh Gaffney, Directionality Recording here
  5. Wednesday 22nd April 1:00pm: “Working From Home – The Keys To Success” ~ Linda Ford, Sallisford Coaching Recording here
  6. Wednesday 29th April 1:00pm: “Values-Driven Life” ~ Aggie Pulfer, Your Coach Recording here
  7. Wednesday 6th May 1:00pm: “Business Post-Pandemic – Restore or Reset?” ~ Linda McLoughlin, MCC, LeadershipWorks International Recording here
  8. Wednesday 13th May 1:00pm: “Managing Our Anxiety and Supporting Clients” ~ Eileen Hopkins, ACC, Saol Coaching Recording here
  9. Wednesday 20th May 1:00pm: “Getting Comfortable with not Knowing” ~ Aidan Flynn, ACC, Courage Coaching Recording here
  10. Wednesday 27th May 1:00pm: “Build More Successful Habits & Behaviours” ~ Treasa Fitzgibbon Recording here
  11. Wednesday 3rd June 1:00pm: “Mindful Moments” ~ Marian Brennan

How Can ICF Coaches Help?

One of the hardest aspects of the COVID-19 outbreak is the sense of helplessness we feel in the face of the uncertainty and rapid change the current situation is bringing.
Many of you are already providing essential support to your clients, families and friends through your own practice, but may be asking What more can I do to help?

Well, we’re glad you asked!

As an ICF Coach, you can volunteer your services with Connect A Coach (http://www.connectacoach.org/), providing free coaching to frontline workers. This wonderful initiative is the brainchild of Ailbhe Harrington and Karen Hayes. Let’s transform that feeling of helplessness into positive action. Our ICF coaching community is in this together, and together we can make a real difference.

Supportive Resources:

How to attend a webinar if you are new to Zoom:

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HSE Page on COVID-19:

Free Coaching for frontline staff:

Free supportive resources for the wider community and Coaches: