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Wednesday 15th April 1:00pm
“Managing Change – Controlling the Uncontrollable” ~ Niamh Gaffney, Directionality

These are unprecedented times. Our whole world has shifted on its axis, and everything is different. Our foundation of daily life, those things we know to be unchangeable – the structure of school terms, meetings, dropping into friends for a cuppa and a chat, coffee with a customer, mass on a Sunday morning, Friday evening football training – have all now changed.

So what can we trust to be true and unchanging? 

Let’s take this time to notice what is true and fundamental for us, and use that as the foundation of our own sense of control, refocusing on we can do, and reframing our chaos into a once in a lifetime experience from which we grow.

Webinar Schedule & Recordings:

  1. Wednesday 25th March 1:00pm: “Self-care: Mind yourself” ~ Michael Stafford, ICF Ireland President Recording here
  2. Wednesday 1st April 1:00pm: “Staying Connected through Chaos – it’s no joke” ~ Liz Barron, Realize Coaching Recording here
  3. Wednesday 8th April 1:00pm: “Finding our Flow” ~ Anne Tannam, Creative Coaching Recording here
  4. Wednesday 15th April 1:00pm: “Managing Change – Controlling the Uncontrollable” ~ Niamh Gaffney, Directionality
  5. New dates and webinars coming next week

How Can ICF Coaches Help?

One of the hardest aspects of the COVID-19 outbreak is the sense of helplessness we feel in the face of the uncertainty and rapid change the current situation is bringing.
Many of you are already providing essential support to your clients, families and friends through your own practice, but may be asking What more can I do to help?

Well, we’re glad you asked! Here are three ways you can help to make a real difference during this challenging time:

  1. Present a topic on the theme of #calminourcommunity at the ICF Ireland weekly free webinar. You can apply directly here: https://forms.gle/XpK8CGte55qinrScA
  2. Using the ICF hashtag #icfirelandcoaching on Twitter, FB and LI, pledge coaching sessions to those most in need of it.
  3. Volunteer your services with Connect A Coach (http://www.connectacoach.org/), providing free coaching to frontline workers. This wonderful initiative is the brainchild of Ailbhe Harrington and Karen Hayes. 

 Let’s transform that feeling of helplessness into positive action. Our ICF coaching community is in this together, and together we can make a real difference.

Supportive Resources:

How to attend a webinar if you are new to Zoom:

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HSE Page on COVID-19:

Free Coaching for frontline staff:

Free supportive resources for the wider community and Coaches: