Marianna has 13+ years of experience in transforming global businesses and bringing change through building and leading Centres of Excellence focusing on operational excellence, performance, lean, change & comms, and learning & development, incl. coaching and mentoring for individuals, teams, and leadership.

Marianna is a ICA Certified Transformation Coach & Group/Team Coach and Positive Intelligence Coach (Shirzad Chamine teachings). With passion for personal growth and development, Marianna‚Äôs focus lies at the intersection of learning & development, self-mastery, using understanding of neurodivergent gifts and benefits of many to understand how to shed legacy behaviours and build habits that have a transformative effect on us as individuals, teams and leaders.  

Marianna comes from Slovakia, yet is a blend of eastern & western sensibilities and perspectives. She has a cross-cultural international working experience with having worked in Slovakia, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Belgium, The Netherlands and the Republic of Ireland