Shashi, originally from India, has made Ireland his home for over two decades, crafting a career spanning 25 years across an array of industries. His professional journey encompasses pivotal senior management and leadership roles in Technology, Telecoms, Investment Banking, Healthcare, and Pharmaceuticals. Currently at the helm of a Consulting and Coaching company based in Ireland, Shashi extends its services throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Advocating introspection’s power, Shashi underscores its role in personal growth, liberation, and fostering global harmony. As a transformational enterprise coach well-versed in Scaled Agile methodologies, Coactive, and Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), he guides individuals toward personal and professional development. Embracing the role of a Sherpa Coach, he navigates life’s challenges alongside others, enabling them to uncover hidden potential and conquer their personal ‘Everest.’

Beyond his professional pursuits, Shashi cherishes adventure and challenge. Skydiving, conquering the highest peaks, cycling, and even embarking on Antarctic expeditions fuel his explorative spirit.

A staunch advocate for diversity and inclusion, Shashi actively amplifies diverse voices, ensuring equitable representation for all perspectives. As Chief Operating Officer, he strives to fortify administrative and operational functions, overseeing internal affairs, finance, accounting, and IT systems management.

Shashi’s educational journey encompasses two postgraduate degrees—a Master of Computer Applications and a Master of Business Administration—coupled with a bachelor’s in Accounting and Business Law. This diverse educational background enriches his leadership approach, blending business proficiency with a profound understanding of human behaviour and organisational dynamics, shaping him into a multifaceted and empathetic leader.