My name is Deirdre Cooney and I am a Professional Coach, working with leaders and individuals in medium to large organizations. 

I have worked as a Senior Leader in the Biopharma Industry for over 30 years. Throughout my own career, I was fortunate to have access to excellent coaches who really helped me to become the leader that I wanted to be and I now want to turn my focus to that role, to support new leaders to be successful and fulfilled in their roles.   

My passion is partnering with my clients to achieve their full potential both personally and professionally. Today, more is expected than ever from leaders and organizations can be complex environments which can be difficult for people to navigate. 

Since I received my coaching qualification, I have been coaching individuals working mainly in the Biopharma sector although I have also coached leaders from the Technology and the Not-for-Profit sectors as well.  Supporting leaders to improve the performance of their unit or operation is an area that I specialize in. I have also found a passion in coaching individuals on graduate programs as they embark on their new careers and finding their style and place. 

In my coaching I am most frequently asked to partner with clients on: 

  • Building high performing teams and driving business excellence
  • Building confidence and self-belief
  • Developing strong productive relationships with their boss or co-workers
  • Dealing with dysfunctional behaviours and office politics 
  • Finding work life balance and establishing boundaries 

I strongly believe that everyone can find the answers to their questions in their own wisdom and see the amazing impact of coaching every day.