I’m a leadership coach, working with clients around the world from a farm on the stunning Donegal coast. My career background is communications. I was a journalist for a while, and then lead a comms team for an inner London borough. This tends to attract clients who really want to understand the nuance of the language they use. Who want to influence, to align teams and create a compelling vision for their organisation.

As well as multi-national corporate work, I coach across the Irish Civil Service. I’ve been involved in some fascinating projects – from supporting the front line to strategic negotiations with the EU. But the most valuable impact has come when clients embrace a coach approach of their own. Bringing a more positive impact to both their personal and professional lives.

My favourite part of being a coach, is meeting other coaches. I run the Coaching Presence community and podcast, helping connect colleagues around the world. I do a lot to support the ICF’s behind the scenes work at a global level. And I also offer mentoring and coach supervision. There’s nothing like this work to help my own reflective practice. Where possible, I bring my horses into this work as a powerful mirror on emotion.

Website: https://maryannawright.com/