For 14 years I’ve worked as a coach with private clients, with leaders, their teams and organisations who want to realize their full potential.

As a ‘coaching elder’, whether as a coach, coaching skills tutor, mentor coach and now as a coaching supervisor, my focus is on supporting people to have more impactful coaching conversations so that they can connect, communicate and collaborate better with each other; my vision ultimately is that members of a team or organisation would learn to coach each other to success.

My coaching approach is always about tuning in to what the client or team already knows, adapting ways of working to suit them, and introducing new and creative approaches to disrupt their thinking and co-create new perspectives, as well as getting clarity of purpose and generating forward motion or action.

My coaching work is informed by my background in leading and managing change – taking the client’s wider system into account, and balancing the practicalities with possibilities.

Coaching has huge potential to change individuals and the systems they operate in, but also has been a transformative experience for me in terms of life-long learning, gaining experience, self awareness and growth towards mastery.

Coaching is often described as the dance between the coach and the client. For me, taking a systemic view is like the music, lyrics, musicians and the dance all working in harmony with each other; allowing us to voice to our thoughts, feelings and vision.