Developing a coaching Mindset

28 March 2023 12:00-13:00


Historically coaches have focused on their behaviours in the session. But the 2020 changes to the coach competencies recognised formally the importance of the human mindset as a framework which informs behaviour. The new competences encourage us to pay more attention to our development outside the session, to ensure when we enter the session we can be fully present, engaged and in service of our client. In this session Jonathan will explore the concepts of self awareness and self development through the lens of Competences 2, inviting attendees to consider their own development processes through five questions. By the end of the session attendees will better understand competency 2, and be able to reflect more deeply on how they are using self development to hold a coaching mindset.

About our guest speaker

Jonathan is Senior Vice-President, CoachHub and a professor at Henley Business School, as well as a global thought leader in behavioural change, listed in the Thinkers 50 and Global Gurus lists. He is a chartered psychologist, holds five degrees including an MBA and doctorate in psychology. He is an accredited coach with the ICF and EMCC, as well as holding qualifications in team coach and coach supervision. He has published widely and contributed over 30 books and nearly 200 scientific papers and book chapters to the field, making him one of the most published coach